ARGFest-o-Con 2012 conference starts July 26, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario

ARGFest-o-Con – the annual conference/festival comprised of presentations, panels and special events showcasing the best in Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG), transmedia entertainment and serious games – is coming to Toronto, Ontario from July 26-28. ARGFest-o-Con is designed to appeal to both new and seasoned players, professionals & innovators in the field, and students alike. has described ARGFest-o-Con as “the most interactive conference out there… think of it as a form of Comic-Con before Hollywood fell in love with it.”

ARGFest-o-Con 2012 is the eleventh event of its kind in the last ten years. It started as a small social gathering in 2003, and has grown to include panels and presentations from some of the brightest minds in transmedia entertainment and gaming. In past years, many people have attended to hear presentations by industry leaders such as Brian Clark (GMD Studios), transmedia storyteller and novelist J.C. Hutchins, science fiction writer Maureen McHugh (No Mimes Media), Michael Monello (The Blair Witch Project, Campfire), Elan Lee (Fourth Wall Studios), Steve Peters (Fourth Wall Studios), Sean Stewart (Cathys Book), independent game designer and visionary Dave Szulborski and Jordan Weisman (Harebrained Schemes)

Highlights of this years event held in Toronto include:

  • FestQuest, a city-wide scavenger hunt produced and sponsored by Stitch Media
  • Keynote address by two-time Emmy Award winner Evan Jones
  • A presentation on the popular web series Guidestones by filmmaker Jay Ferguson
  • A sneak peek of The Institute, a feature-length documentary by Pen & Banjo Productions
  • A presentation on IdeaBOOST, an exciting new program by CFC Media Lab
  • International speaker, Rob Pratten presenting: “Future Storyworlds: Building a Pervasive Entertainment Platform”

ARGFest-o-Con 2012 takes place at the Pitman Hall at Ryerson University, located in downtown Toronto, in partnership with the CFC Media Lab, Stitch Media, Dog Tale Media, No Mimes Media, and StoryWorld Conference+Expo. Kick-off party starts 6:30 pm, Thursday July 26th. Registrations are open to the public and discounts are still available.

Thank you for your interest in ARGFest-o-Con 2012. For more information, visit the event web site at For the event voicemail, call 630-274-5425. Please contact project manager Jonathan Waite at for information on media passes to the conference.

Take a look at the fantastic lineup of confirmed speakers and presenters at ARGFest 2012

Our conference schedule is now available, from the Kick-Off party Thursday evening to the FestQuest finale followed by social festivities on Saturday evening.

To register for ARGFest, Please follow this link, and select a pass that best suits your interests – from an all-access package, or passes for individual fest components.

You don’t want to miss this conference!