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On March 20, 2012, ByoLogyc Inc held an exclusive party for “investors” in the corporation. With ByoEnrich, ByoMate, ByoBreath, and ByoGrow on display and CEO Chet Getram giving his celebration speech, the event demonstrated ByoLogyc’s dedication to improving the human lifestyle through highly advanced biotechnology.

ByoLogyc Inc is an organization in the fictionalized live performance / interactive drama project being created by ZEDToronto. has created a crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo to have the audience both support and participate in the endeavour, to experience the story over 8 months through online narrative and in 3 planned live events.
To take part and help fund this creative project, simply become a contributor through IndieGoGo donating any amount you choose from the available tiers – each successive amount provides increased immersion and rewards.


As for the party, after a short period of mingling in the Ingram Gallery with staff and trying out products, Chet arrived with Diva Capricia as his ‘special guest’, who gave a chilling performance of “Ebben? Ne andro lontana” from Catallani’s opera “La Wally” to help set the mood for the evening.  I can’t say I’m a fan of opera, but after being chilled to the bone by Capricia’s live performance, I had to research the song and find out what story it was that she was performing. The discovery did not disappoint.

That was only the beginning of the night, however, as more drama unfolded throughout the party – including a minor brawl with the bartender, and the removal of the contracted media coverage team for asking too many questions.  And sadly, Capricia was the one left behind at the party as Chet took leave early – with Olive Swift on his arm.

But what of the attendees? We were given the opportunity to try some of their products.  We were treated to catered oer d’oeuvres …from a biotech company experimenting with pharmaceutical drugs hoped to improve human lifestyle. Could we have really been labs rats? Two ByoLogyc scientists, including Davian Baxter, who were taking swabs from guests and asking a list of questions didn’t provide any comfort on that front.

The event was held at the Ingram Gallery in Toronto and was a live preview event executed as part of the ZED Toronto project. The full experience plans to ‘chronicle the end of the world’, in a zombie apocalypse as it were, with ByoLogyc at the helm. The finale event to be held in October promises to be a live, exciting and dramatic experience, and a struggle for survival at a yet undisclosed location.


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Please consider helping to fund this creative team of storytellers and actors by visiting and pitching in — Campaign funding closes April 15th.

More information about the project is available at and via @ZEDToronto

Check out many more photos from the event below, and at and these flickr galleries

Ebben? Ne andrò lontana from Catalani’s opera “La Wally”

Ebben? Ne andrò lontana,
Come va l’eco della pia campana,
Là, fra la neve bianca;
Là, fra le nubi d’ôr;
Laddóve la speranza, la speranza
È rimpianto, è rimpianto, è dolor!

O della madre mia casa gioconda,
La Wally ne andrà da te, da te
Lontana assai, e forse a te,
E forse a te, non farà mai più ritorno,
Nè più la rivedrai!
Mai più, mai più!

Ne andrò sola e lontana,
Come l’eco è della pia campana,
Là, fra la neve bianca;
Ne andrò, ne andrò sola e lontana!
E fra le nubi d’ôr!

Rough English translation:

Well? I will go away,
As goes the echo from the church bell,
There, amid the white snow;
There, amid the clouds of or;
Where the hope, the hope
Is regret, is regret, is sorrow!

O my mother’s joyous home,
Wally will go away from you, you
Far enough away, and maybe,
And maybe, he will never return,
Nor see her again!
Never again, never again!

I will go alone and far away
As the echo of the bell,
There, amid the white snow;
I will go, will go alone and far away!
And the clouds of gold!