ByoLogyc clearly dictates that the needs of the many shall provide significant profit in pharmaceutical products that make their lives better.

ByoLogyc Inc. is a pharmaceutical research company that is claiming to provide humanity with lifestyle enhancing drugs and technologies. Meet Chet Getram:

“At ByoLogyc, you’ll not only be investing in one of the most profitable, forward-thinking biotech and lifestyle enhancement laboratories available, you’ll be helping humanity fulfill its deepest desires, and unlock its hidden destiny.”

Chet is the CEO of ByoLogyc Inc, the central organization within  a 3-part theatrical storytelling experience being created by Mission Business, an “adventure laboratory” based in Toronto. This project,, is being presented as a live theater, an immersive, interactive storytelling experience, which will include online components and 3 live events in Toronto, culminating at the final grand apocalyptic event in late October. is also asking for support via an IndieGoGo campaign, to help raise funds for the project and invite interested participants to experience the adventure and the story they’re planning to tell through the year. Online components help fill out the narrative and open the story to a much wider audience who won’t necessarily experience the live events.

You can visit ByoLogyc Inc’s website They also provide a call-in number 1-866-BYO-6090 for testimonials, and their Twitter account @ByoLogyc. Chet Getram, its CEO is also on Twitter, along with other employees, Davian Baxter – head of research, and Olive Swift – quality assurance.

ByoLogyc also provides details about some of their products:

  • ByoMate, magnify your natural desireability
  • ByoEnrich, all-day vitamin enhancements
  • ByoBreath, get more oxygen from the air you breath
  • ByoGrow, enhanced hair growth
  • ByoBaby, biological and genetic enhancements throughout pregnancy

Surely, these products have been perfected… right?

The Invite: 20th Anniversary Celebration

On March 20th 2012, ByoLogyc is hosting an exclusive preview event specifically for IndieGoGo supporters and select invitees. ByoLogyc products will be on display for perusal and hands-on viewing. Chet will also be speaking in person following a special video presentation.

ByoLogyc is celebrating their 20th anniversary with an invitation-only soiree at a swanky art gallery. This is our first in-narrative event, and we’re going to make it count. The purpose of the event is twofold; we’re using it to avoid the notorious mid-crowdfunding-campaign slump, and we’re also initiating our asks for larger donors and sponsors down the road. To that end, we’ve invited a pretty hot crowd of influencers, connectors, and people-in-the-know who can help us take the project to the next level. The event is a small taste of what ZED.TO will be; we’ve got all our characters playing major roles, we’ve got actual ByoLogyc products for sampling, and we’ve got live opera.

Upcoming campaign events

What’s in store for this entire production? Well, if you become a supporter of’s campaign on IndieGoGo, you’ll have exclusive limited access to content and narrative elements.  Take a look at some of these tier perks:

  • A personal call and thanks from Chet Getram
  • Sampler packs of ByoMate pills
  • Super-secret sensitive data from ByoLogyc
  • A special limited key providing access to a restricted area at October’s finale event
  • Become a part of the finale event; a custom experience and role, plus other luxuries
  • A special extravagant dinner with Chet, on him, to talk the future of biotech
  • …and more

With 27 days left in the campaign as of this writing [March 20], there’s still time to get your foot in the door of this fast-moving corporation, and help the project truly take off – whether you’re participating at the live events, or only online. Who knows what this corporation could do for humanity’s future!  Live events are scheduled for:

  • July 4-15: Toronto Fringe Festival
    “ByoLogyc: Where you become new”
  • September 29: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
    “Patient Zero”
  • October 17-Nov 3: Undisclosed location
    “End Game”

More details are available on their IndieGoGo project page, and’s blog.

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