Welcome to the newly updated 4DFiction.com!
A long time in coming, but the update is complete (I couldn’t bring myself to roll it out on April 1st). And, as a kick-off to the new template, 4DFiction has a brand spanking new interface to watch and participate in multi-dimensional fiction! :)

4DF Live is a dynamic tool that will be used as an interface for future live events and streams. Go check it out, because its first live event begins tonight (April 2) at 6:15pm Pacific!

Hazado will be streaming video live with his iPhone from an official Encom International press conference in San Francisco. Chat with him in his UStream chat, and connect to IRC channel #flynnlives to follow along and chat live with more of the community. At 6:15pm Hazado will be covering the pre-event happenings: a gathering of Kevin Flynn supporters who will be infiltrating the press conference under the guise of Encom employees – employee badge and all. When the Encom event officially begins at 8pm PDT, Alan Bradley will take be taking the stage to announce a new Encom product. After that, who knows what will happen!

For more details about the event, visit www.operationtron.com, or the wiki and spread the word!

Finally, bookmark 4dfiction.com/live/operationtron and set an alert for 6:15pm PDT, but in your timezone :) (9:15pm EDT, or 2:15am GMT, etc)

I am personally quite excited and intrigued about this event, as it’s the first time to my knowledge that a significant actor will be appearing in public for a live event in character for a free promotional event as a way to further a story. Bruce Boxleitner is scheduled to appear in character as Alan Bradley on site (he also played Alan in the original 1982 Tron film). This is a wonderful example of a story that is crossing over into reality. Little is known about what will transpire at the event, but providing Hazado is able to keep his video stream alive, we should have front row seats (in spirit).