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As if seeking out the mysteries of the ODST team isn’t enough, throughout the game a secondary side-story can also be revealed: That is Sadie’s Story. Sadie was one of the residents of New Mombasa before its destruction. Written by Fourth Wall Studios, some of the minds that created I Love Bees, it’s a deeper exploration into the mysteries of New Mombasa, much like the Terminals in Halo 2 revealed information about the firing of the Halos 100,000 years ago. It’s sure to be another truly engaging side-story, revealing some of the mystery contained in the city, buried in its destruction. Reportedly, the story even boasts twice the voice acting as the game itself, being told through an extensive audio drama (similar to ILB) and comic-book visuals from artist Ashley Wood.

I Love Bees was a ground-breaking ARG and is one of the most referenced when ARGs are discussed in the media. Tying all of this together now, the main character of Halo 3: ODST, the Rookie, will be accompanied and guided through New Mombasa by the AI previously revealed as The Superintendent. Undoubtedly, the feelings provoked by this pairing may to some be very reminiscent of memories of the AI Melissa as she endured trials while partnered with Jersey Morelli in I Love Bees and interacted with us in 2004. Without having yet played the game, I’m confident that for any fan of the I Love Bees ARG, the storyline presented by Halo 3: ODST and Sadie’s Story will be enjoyed.

As for the Halo franchise, its epic status will surely continue with at least one additional known video game scheduled for release in 2010 called Halo: Reach. For story enthusiasts, early 2010 will also see the launching of Halo: Legends – an anime-style anthology of created shorts, much like the Animatrix. Also slated for release on Xbox, launching in November 2009 is Halo Waypoint an Xbox Live Marketplace hub boasted as the resource for all things Halo. With more novels also on the way, comic-book series still in production, and the endless line of obligatory Halo paraphernalia and collectibles, the Halo franchise has quite a life yet to enjoy.

Will the Halo franchise eventually culminate in a live action feature film? A good feature film? A film series? Or is the production simply a pipe dream? Perhaps it’s a production that should not actually be undertaken? Perhaps it should tell a new story, and not that of the Master Chief.


Do you have any opinions about a Halo movie, thoughts on ODST, Sadie’s Story, or Halo in general? If so, post them in the comments below!

At the end of the day, one question remains…

In Halo 3: ODST there is at least one ringing payphone in New Mombasa that can be answered. Would you answer it?

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