Memorable tweets extracted from the fest-o-con timeline. (adjusted/edited for linearity and clarity)

The first day

  • [pic] ARGFest starts off on a high note with a little Wisconsin Hustle from @AwkwardHug -mja ~@argn
  • [pic] Looks like Stitch Media snuck a puzzle into the #argfest program. ~@mjandersen
  • Had a BLAST at #ARGfest tonight! Met longtime friends & made a bunch of new ones. Everyone’s so creative and smart! Amazing experience. :) ~@jchutchins
  • Shifting from play mode (#ARGfest) to work mode. Clocking some time on secret project before beddy-bye. #FreelanceHustle #NotWisconsinHustle ~@jchutchins
  • Very sad not to be at ARGFest :( ~@hondanhon

Day Two Begins

  • Argfest is in full swing in Bloomington! We want to give IU students a break, 40% off conference pass Friday only w/ ID. ~@ARGFest
  • Crashed hard last night after a long day of travel. Finally ready to get my #ARGFest on! ~@RFP_Mike
  • Excited to dive into #argfest today. Bet you I’m the first one awake! I hear last night’s party was super fun ~@Intellagirl
  • Thanks to Awkward Hug (@jimbabb) for that fun time with “A Wisconsin Hustle” yesterday at the @ARGFest. We danced our pants off with that… ~@Patmo
  • Morning alarm was pretty bad, until I realized I get to spend the day with the most creative people in the world. #Argfest #betterthancoffee ~@SynthBio
  • The baja fresh in the commons makes regular breakfasts. ~@aliendial
  • Up for #ARGFest this morning! Can’t wait for sone awesome talks. But FIRST! Coffee. ~@floerianthebard
  • Back from gym. Getting ready for a day’s worth of yummy #transmedia goodness at @ARGfest! (And making time to finalize my keynote too! Eek!) ~@jchutchins
  • Good morning, #ARGfest! See you at 10:30am today for my Transmedia Patter, among other great sessions! [link] ~@CityMystery
  • it’s so great to meet people who know what an ARG is! ~@Intellagirl
  • Alrighty people #ARGFest is ON!!! First some tea though and then IT’S ON! ~@siyafrica
  • Randy and Earl are up and attem. If you see them at #ARGFest, be sure to say hey! :) ~@pistolsniffer
  • Have arrived. Alright #ARGFest blow my mind! :) ~@burntpepperoni
  • Liked the Wisconsin hustle by @jimbabb s Awkward Hug a Lot – great Kickoff #ARGfest Now the conference starts with @patmo on first panel ~@doromartin

Session 1 – Using ARGs for marketing – where brands, consumers and play meet

  • [pic] First #argfest panel of the day. ~@ancalime
  • Really enjoyed being on the #argfest panel. Any follow-up questions, come find me. :) ~@writingstudio

Session 2 – Transmedia Patter

  • Up now at #argfest: John Maccabee. And whatever surprises he has in store. ~@marcruppel
  • Transmedia Patter with @johnmaccabee – it’s game time! ~@doromartin
  • One thing designers control is time. ~@marcruppel
  • Maccabee talking about #pheon. ~@marcruppel
  • Ah, #argfest stories. “In 2008 I interrupted Steve’s presentation with a nearly naked tattooed bodybuilder.” XD ~@ancalime
  • [pic] Peeling superglue off my fingers after the second #argfest panel. :D ~@ancalime
  • [ ~@marcruppel
  • Thank you #Argfest for a hardcore game design presentation! Cheers Ian Pottmeyer of @studiocypher ~@SynthBio

Lunch break!

  • ARGfest is progressing wonderfully! Talented, creative minds from around the world, fun & games, amazing food, great talks! ~@4DFiction
  • [link] ‘This Game Sucks: How to Improve the Gamification of Education’ Sarah Smith-Robbins ~@marcruppel
  • Ted Castranova: Game Rules makes the GM invisible in gameplay. ~@tcconway
  • Driz’zt was just mentioned in this #ARGFest talk. I love this crowd. ~@floerianthebard
  • I actually have really mixed feelings on this ARGs in education presentation. ~@ancalime
  • Difs between learning and playing modes? We learn when we play, but learners may not have mindset to play when geared up 2 learn. ~@kisbundas
  • MT ‘Doing games in classroom might not even make total sense– better to take certain elements and employ them in est. structure.’ ~@marcruppel
  • “The minute you make something homework, it no longer has the pull of it being a game.” – Ed Castronova Assigned = unappealing ~@kisbundas
  • Edward Castronova says games as homework are no more fun than actual homework. #edugames #elearning ~@tonywalsh
  • Games inherently divide the classroom-those who see play and those who see work. When games become work they are not games anymore. ~@marcruppel
  • [pic] Random doodle spotted at #ARGfest #Transmedia @vpisteve ~@addlepated
  • In related news, anyone getting anywhere with the Stitch Media puzzle in the program? ~@ancalime

Session 5 – The pitfalls of building transmedia projects

  • Next Panel is about “The Pitfalls of Building Transmedia Projects” with Rob Jagnow, Andrea Phillips, Tony Walsh and Dee Cook ~@Patmo
  • [pic] We found Ellie! She is hanging out at the ARG Museum ~@awkward_hug
  • We’re having a great 1st day of ARGFest at #indianauniversity! Remember, tomorrow’s festival/Quest/BIGNight is free for everyone interested! ~@ARGFest

Keynote dinner

  • [pic] Rock Band @bagsbee and @Gupfee at #ARGfest ~@varin
  • [pic] Beatles Rock Band at #ARGfest ~@addlepated
  • Highlight at #ARGFest. Meeting @jchutchins after all these years, then chatting with him and @andrhia about transmedia storytelling. ~@r_brian_smith
  • They can shut off my air conditioning but they won’t break my spirit! ~@addlepated
  • [ ~@marcruppel
  • The ARG Museum is called Hoarders: The ARG Edition ~@addlepated
  • [link] My first feelie er swag ~@earthlyframes


  • FestQuest location for #argfest: Buskirk Chumley Theatre [map] See you at 1:00 pm! ~@ARGFest
  • Made it to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. Now, what, #ARGFest? ~@Clayfoot
  • Running a little late for fest quest. Eating tibetan. Food. ~@aliendial
  • This #ARGfest quest is really easy, so far. ~@Clayfoot
  • My @Argfest quest is turning into finding festquest. Lol ~@SynthBio
  • no worries, we’re here until the last group arrives, or 2 pm, and whichever comes first. ~@ARGFest
  • [pic] @mikemonello We managed to find a Mai Tai without you here to guide us ~@varin
  • The FestQuest has begun! I sorry if you missed the start, see you back in the Frangipani for Big Night at 3 pm. ~@ARGFest
  • [pic] That’s a lot of poison ivy! Look out, Questers! ~@addlepated
  • [pic] Go, team! :) RT @RobertJCunha: We won the FestQuest! ~@pistolsniffer
  • Okay, world. Thanks for enjoying the pics. Brief spammy #ARGFest goodness coming to an end. Hope everyone had a fantastic time! ~@pistolsniffer
  • Do blisters count as swag? Fest Quest lots of fun, except for my feet ;) ~@kisbundas
  • [pic] @bagsbee and Eve together and again at the #argfest FestQuest ~@varin
  • [pic] #ARGfest FestQuest team and the polar bears ~@varin
  • [pic] Our FestQuest dream team in action ~@jmsender
  • [source” href=”” rel=”argfest11″ target=”_blank”>pic] [source” href=”” target=”_blank”>video] Fest Quest – an epic adventure, and now a film – fun, fun times! ~@kisbundas
  • Thanks to #argfest quest, I’m now the proud owner of a decoder ring. Power of: Caesar Ciphers! ~@toenolla

BIG Night

  • Excited to present our college health game CampusCraft at this years ARGfest-O-Con in Bloomington, IN! ~ @WisdomToolsG4H


  • Was amazing to be at #ARGFest Glad to have met you all and had the chance to hear all your stories. Safe travels to everyone. Cheers. ~@burntpepperoni
  • ARGFest 2011 is slowly drawing to a close. Bittersweet for sure. @ Indiana University [gowalla] ~@jonwaite
  • #ARGFest has been amazing! New friends, new ideas and new energy to pour into the new project. Days away from unveiling the secret :) ~@lazy8studios
  • Farewell Bloomington! Farewell #argfest! Parting is such sweet sorrow ~@_thacher
  • Hey @visitbtown…thanks for the help making #argfest a truly stupendous experience! Only wish I remembered to use #askbtown for puzzle help ~@mjandersen
  • Thanks to everyone at #argfest. It was an honor to present there. I learned an enormous amount and met wonderful people. ~@curiouserstream
  • If you have items in the ARG Museum to pick up, you have 20 minutes to head to the Frangipani ~@ARGFest
  • [gowalla] ~@jonwaite
  • [video] #ARGfest sings! Still Alive! #rockband3 ~@thebruce0

Day 4, shutting down

  • Lessons from ARGFest: Before one can go to find a dead drop, one must buy alcohol. ~@floerianthebard
  • Lessons from ARGFest: Even things not meant to be competitive can become very competitive. Also: I am very competitive. ~@floerianthebard
  • Lessons from ARGFest: @andrhia is very smart and very sweet; @jchutchins is pure awesomesauce. (And the #dragonboots are sexy.) ~@floerianthebard
  • @5YearMission Plugged your project during an #argfest presentation Saturday morning. They are your peeps. ~@kmakice
  • Maybe it’s the emotional high, maybe it’s the Blue Moon, but that was possibly the greatest feeling #argfest ever. Nothing but love tonight. ~@jonwaite
  • Had a completely amazing time with everyone at #argfest. The acceptance, warmness, intelligence, and diversity of this group is remarkable. ~@kwoolclel
  • Best. #argfest. Ever. ~@Gupfee
  • Nice to see the #Newguard at #Argfest this year.Nothing against last year.But WOW what awesome, smart & new players have come into the genre ~@SynthBio
  • @soi o yeah, i’m writing a blog post about it! will your slides be available online? ~@doromartin
  • Studio Cypher being interviewed on the Mezz. At least they’re awake. ~@aliendial
  • There is no Order of the Golden Llama. I don’t know what you’re talking about. ~@tcconway
  • Order of the Golden Llama? Never heard of it. ~@toenolla
  • I’ll never look at the Frangipani Room the same way again! ~@greencouple
  • Congratulations #ARGfest attendees – you’ve done it again and cracked another brutal puzzle. We’re sad we couldn’t be there to celebrate! ~@stitchmedia
  • Thanks again to @VisitBtown for being the best free online concierge a guy could ask for ~@mjandersen

Farewells for another year

  • #ARGFest was spectacular. Thanks EVERYONE for such an AMAZING time. There will be much blogging to come… ~@floerianthebard
  • A great thank you to everybody who made this ARGFest a blast: Committee Members, Speakers, Attendies. You are awesome. See you next year! ~@Patmo
  • Ok, I’m off to Louisville. Goodbye, ARGFest – it was a great weekend! Hope to see you all next year! ~@OctoberDreaming
  • Thanks to everyone making #ARGfest so awesome! Very glad we attended – see you all next year ~@doromartin
  • Thank you all for the most incredible conference experience I’ve ever had. You don’t know how much I’m sad to be done. ~@Erickays314
  • So sad to be leaving #Argfest :) cheers to the planning committee, attendees and all involved. I’m inspired and energized! ~@SynthBio
  • Goodbye all new and old friends. Til next year… ~@tcconway
  • #argfest, you just won’t let me go! #unendingflightdelays ~@marcruppel
  • Farewell, #ARGfest! ‘Twas fun! ~@addlepated
  • The TSA very confused by my bar of (replica) Nazi gold. Cc @yoms ~@addlepated
  • Thanks to @visitbtown and @studiocypher for sharing your great city with us. ~@Gupfee
  • Goodbye and thanks to everyone who made this #argfest so great! ~@Gupfee
  • Impromptu #argfest panel presentation at Southwest terminal. Topic: cow tipping. ~@mjandersen
  • [pic] #argfest directing committee breakfast meeting ~@jmsender
  • Standing ovation to the Directing Committee for an awesome time! Take care all and hope to see you soon. Thx Bloomington! Cheers! #ARGfest ~@john_greg_gomez
  • On plane about to depart from #ARGfest. What an amazing weekend. Thanks for making me feel welcome, awesome #transmedia peeps! :) ~@jchutchins
  • I am home at last. Farewell, #argfest, until next year! ~@andrhia
  • [source” href=”” rel=”argfest11″ target=”_blank”>pic] #ARGfest straggler’s supper – feast! @ BuffaLouie’s ~@thebruce0
  • My dinner table at the #argfest stragglers supper just coined the phrase, “Suddenly things went horribly right.” ~@toenolla
  • Feel like I’m physically 20 years older, but mentally 20 years younger. Thanks, #argfest, for that and more. ~@marcruppel
  • And thanks to the whole #argfest community for such a warm, open welcome. Truly a pleasure meeting so many new and brilliant people. ~@marcruppel

The real stragglers

  • Last evening at what remains of #argfest. It’s Fluxx & Munchkin time! ~@ancalime
  • Quote of the weekend, courtesy of @gupfee: ‘It’s ok. He’s one of us– a real bastard.’ ~@marcruppel
  • And next year, Rock Band damn well better have ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’. #foreigner4ev ~@marcruppel
  • No longer at #IndianaUniversity but home at #UofNorthernIowa… I miss all the great #argfest people I met, and can’t wait to see them again ~@kwoolclel
  • On my way to the airport. Guess it’s time to admit that #argfest is really over for another year. ~@ancalime
  • Goodbye, #argfest – it really, really has been emotional. ~@writingstudio
  • @thinkgeek Thanks for being an awesome #ARGfest sponsor. We <3 you guys! ~@varin
  • I love business cards. I love creative business cards more. I love #argfest business cards best. ~@Erickays314
  • Just saw off @egotist and boarded myself. Down to @toenolla of the Super Straggler Club. Farewell #argfest 2011 and Bloomington! ~@SpaceBass

Post-fest reflections…

  • [link] ARGfest-o-con 2011 & Experience Design ~@UXKuali
  • [link] New post–Thoughts from #ARGFest 1: #Transmedia Storyteller Fandom @andrhia @jchutchins @ARGFest ~@floerianthebard
  • I think the best part of the #argfest Dream Girl wigs is that they have hooks so you can attach a beard. ~@Tonamel
  • What I learned at #argfest: @Slvrstrng @lazy8studios @StudioCypher @pistolsniffer & @awkward_hug are companies who are the future of gaming ~@SynthBio
  • [link] Memories of ARGfest 2011. ~@andrhia
  • [link] A brief new post–Thoughts from #ARGFest: Avoiding the Formula ~@floerianthebard
  • [link] At @ARGFest last weekend, I saw some great kid-friendly games. ~@kmakice
  • [link] Today’s post comes from our music producer, Devin, who gives his thoughts on #ARGFest from an outsider’s perspective ~@slvrstrng
  • [link] ARGFest 2011: Sandwiching Panels with Play ~@argn

The End.

  • A huge THANKS to all of our attendees, speakers, presenters, volunteers, and anyone else who came out for #argfest 2011. See you next year! ~ @ARGFest
  • @ARGFest Thank you, ARGFest committee! That was so much fun – a perfect weekend and a great conference! ~@OctoberDreaming


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