>> Breaking it down

This project has had its fair share of ups downs. So far we’ve looked at a number of instances where execution strategies or their results didn’t live up to our expectations, or simply fell flat in failure. Given the scope of our project though, we were happy with what we did accomplish, even at the points where the statistics seemed to dip depressingly.

So switching gears, let’s begin looking at some of the positive aspects of Intimation.

Following is a brief look at a number of traffic and activity statistics we recorded throughout the campaign. Whether high or low, the numbers tell their own story.

General Activity

Statistics compiled at shortly after the ARG’s conclusion, after a run of 37 weeks:

  • 4,000,000 http requests to (pages, assets, media)
    (1,500,000 in the July 2009 climax alone)
  • 6000 unique visitors, of 13,000 front page visits (
  • 50,000 total page views spanning 70 countries (
  • 90,000 RSS feed requests: logs, news, and research notes (
  • Over 7000Foreboding dream” Youtube views
  • Over 1000 “Foreboding dream” theme embedded mp3 plays (
  • Over 300Naira’s dream” finale Youtube views
  • Over 100 “Naira’s dream” finale theme embedded mp3 plays (
  • 3,000,000surface network” navigation requests (
  • 5000 SFTA Avatar downloads

“Bungie Day” March 1st

For the period of February 28 – March 5, a frenzy of Halo fans followed a link to, posted to the forums:

  • Over 800 unique visitors, 2000 page views, in one day
    As debates about legitimacy raged on, activity slowly faded, until addressed by forum staff.
  • Activity reduced to an average of 30 visits/day, and 400 pageviews for the regular weekly event period.

An activity graph for comparison:

Miscellaneous facts

  • Twitter: Over 800 weekly tweets between December 11/2008 and August 25/2009
    600 exchanged DMs
  • 38 minutes of audio narrative produced from 100+ recording minutes
  • 1 exhaustive twitter log
  • 37 Lewis & Clark written crew logs
  • 190 drawn puzzle pieces for Naira’s story
  • 14,000Endless Boxes‘ puzzle button pushes
  • 56,000 graffiti puzzle splotches
  • 384 attempts to name Naira, including suggestions:
    ‘billie jean’, ‘god’, ‘devil’, ‘death’, ‘pocahontas’, ‘your mom’
  • 37 straight weeks of asset development, and each including a full 24 hour interaction period
  • 17000 lines of PHP code
  • Too many sleepless nights
  • 1 smiley pignose to represent it all.


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